Maine PUC Uses SCC in Guidance Document on Value of Solar

  • Application

    PUC reference materials

  • Date

    April 2015
  • Details

    Maine’s Public Utilities Commission used the IWG’s estimate to make this calculation for carbon emissions in a study on the value of distributed solar resources. 1 This study is referred to in some of Maine’s net metering proceedings. 2

  • SCC Value(s)

    IWG SCC (3% discount rate) minus RGGI carbon allowance costs. 3

  • Reference

    Value of Solar Study

  • Legal Authority

    Maine enacted the Act to Support Solar Energy Development in Maine during its 2014 legislative session. 4   Section 1 of the Act states that it is “in the public interest to develop renewable energy resources, including solar energy, in a manner that protects and improves the health and well-being of the citizens and natural environment of the State while also providing economic benefits to communities, ratepayers and the overall economy of the State.” 5 Section 2 of the Act instructs the Public Utilities Commission to determine the value of distributed solar energy generation in the State, including “the value of the reduced environmental impacts of the energy.” 6

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