California Public Utilities Commission Uses SCC to Show Benefits of Different Scenarios

  • Application

    Avoided social costs of different emissions reduction scenarios.

  • Date

    March 2021
  • Details

    The 100 Percent Clean Energy Act of 2018 (also known as Senate Bill 100) 1 created a carbon-neutrality goal for California's electricity sector. The California Public Utilities Commision (CPUC) issued a report in March 2021 on the Act's implementation. 2  This report includes an appendix that shows the benefits of emissions reductions under the SB100 scenario and a 60% renewable portfolio standard.

  • SCC Value(s)

    Based on the 2016 IWG SCC estimates using the 2.5%, 3%, and 5% discount rates.

  • Legal Authority

    Senate Bill 100, the 100 Percent Clean Energy Act of 2018

  1. Available at ↩︎
  2. CPUC, SB 100 Joint Agency Report: Charting a path to a 100% Clean Energy Future (March 2021), file:///Users/ilianapaul/Box/Policy%20Integrity/Projects/SCC/Website/TN237167_20210315T110256_2021%20SB%20100%20Joint%20Agency%20Report.pdf ↩︎

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