Maryland PSC Uses SCC in Report on DER Valuation

  • Application

    PSC reference materials

  • Date

    November 2018
  • Details

    In 2016, the Maryland Public Service Commission (Maryland PSC) initiated a proceeding known as “Public Conference 44” to modernize and “Transform Maryland’s Electric Grid” 1 . As part of that proceeding, in November 2018, the Commission released a report on the costs and benefits of solar. The report serves as an independent analysis of the benefits and costs of solar in the state for evaluating resource development potential in the course of the grid modernization proceeding.

  • SCC Value(s)

    IWG Social Cost of Carbon net of CO2 allowance costs 2

  • Reference

    Benefits and Costs of Utility Scale and Behind the Meter Solar Resources in Maryland 3

  • Legal Authority

    On September 26, 2016, the Commission opened Public Conference 44, as a condition of the Exelon and Pepco Holdings merger. The proceeding focuses on how to transform Maryland's electric distribution systems to ensure that electric service is customer-centered, affordable, reliable and environmentally sustainable.

    In general, the Commission is directed to use a total resource cost test in determining whether a program or service encourages and promotes the efficient use and conservation of energy. The total resource cost test includes “participant nonenergy benefits” and “utility nonenergy benefits,” a societal cost test that includes “societal nonenergy benefits,” and the “impact on the environment” 4 .

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