New York Climate Action Council 2021 Draft Climate Change Scoping Plan Uses SC-GHG

  • Application

    New York State's Climate Action Council draft scoping plan uses SC-GHG to compare costs (net system costs) with benefits (climate and health benefits) of alternative scenarios.

  • Date

    December 2021
  • Details

    In December 2021, New York's Climate Action Council released its 2021 draft scoping plan, created in accordance with the Climate Protection and Community Leadership Act of 2019. The scoping plan serves as an initial framework for how the State will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net-zero emissions, increase renewable energy usage, and ensure climate justice. The Plan looks at four scenarios for achieving New York's climate goals alongside a reference case. 1 Figure 12 shows the climate and health benefits of each scenario compared to the net system costs, 2  using New York's SC-GHG to monetize the climate benefits. 3

  • SCC Value(s)

    NY's Value of Carbon estimates, which are based on the 2016 IWG estimates but use a different range of discount rates (1-3%).

  • Legal Authority


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