NYISO and NYSPSC Work on Carbon Price for Wholesale Market

  • Application

    Wholesale market electricity pricing

  • Date

    August 2018
  • Details

    The New York Independent Systems Operator and the New York State Public Service Commission released a straw proposal which outlined a potential design for including the social cost of carbon into the wholesale electricity market in New York State. The two regulators convened an Integrated Public Policy Task Force to create recommendations based on the proposal. The final report was released in August 2018.

  • SCC Value(s)

    $47.30/US-ton  (“Gross” SCC 1 ) for 2020 emissions

  • Reference

    Carbon Pricing Draft Recommendations: A Report Prepared for the Integrating Public Policy Task Force 2

  • Commentary

    First state to explore incorporating a carbon price into the wholesale market

  1.  “Net” SCC would be the gross figure minus the RGGI value. ↩︎
  2.  NYISO Draft Report(August 2018). ↩︎

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