PUC of Nevada Uses SCC to Fulfill New Mandate on Integrated Resource Plans

  • Application

    Integrated resource planning

  • Date

    August 2018
  • Details

    Nevada’s PUC passed an order finalizing the regulation to implement Senate Bill 65, which directs utilities to consider the economic and environmental benefits of their integrated resource plans. 1 The Regulation states that "the social cost of carbon must be determined by subtracting the costs associated with emissions of carbon internalized as private costs to the utility...from the net present value of the future global ecnomic costs resulting from the missions of each additional metric ton of carbon dioxide." It goes on to note that the 2016 IWG estimates were "calculated using the best available science and economics." 2

  • SCC Value(s)

    IWG SCC estimates

  • Reference

    Final Order, Docket Number 17-07020. 1

  • Legal Authority

    • Senate Bill 65 passed during the state’s 2017 Legislative session, making changes to NV’s IRP statute that compel the Commission to give preference to supply resources that “[p]rovide the greatest economic and environmental benefits to the State…(and among other requirements) reduce customer exposure to the price volatility of fossil fuels and the potential costs of carbon.”
    • NRS Chapter 74, Sec. 6.
    • Nev. Admin. Code 704.937 (5)-(6).
  • Status

    Regulation finalized.

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  2. Nev. Admin. Code 704.937 (5). ↩︎
  3.  http://pucweb1.state.nv.us/PDF/AxImages/DOCKETS_2015_THRU_PRESENT/2017-7/32153.pdf ↩︎

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