PUC of Nevada Uses SCC to Fulfill New Mandate on Integrated Resource Plans

  • Application

    Integrated resource planning

  • Date

    August 2018
  • Details

    Nevada’s PUC passed an order finalizing the regulation to implement Senate Bill 65, which directs utilities to consider the economic and environmental benefits of their integrated resource plans. 1

  • SCC Value(s)

    IWG SCC estimates

  • Reference

    Final Order, Docket Number 17-07020. 2

  • Legal Authority

    • Senate Bill 65 passed during the state’s 2017 Legislative session, making changes to NV’s IRP statute that compel the Commission to give preference to supply resources that “[p]rovide the greatest economic and environmental benefits to the State…(and among other requirements) reduce customer exposure to the price volatility of fossil fuels and the potential costs of carbon.”
    • NRS Chapter 74, Sec. 6.
    • Nev. Admin. Code 704.937 (5)-(6).
  • Status

    Regulation finalized.

  1.  http://pucweb1.state.nv.us/PDF/AxImages/DOCKETS_2015_THRU_PRESENT/2017-7/32153.pdf ↩︎
  2.  http://pucweb1.state.nv.us/PDF/AxImages/DOCKETS_2015_THRU_PRESENT/2017-7/32153.pdf ↩︎

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